Having the right socks handy can mean distinguishing between an amazing, memorable day on the trails or a long, painful trek back to the trailhead. 

Proper socks will be breathable for all-day coolness and thick and cozy enough for your feet to stay protected and comfortable when you start your hike back to your car.

Whether you plan on trial-running a quick two-mile loop or exploring the backcountry for three days, this list should make gathering your outdoor gear a tad bit easier. 

We found various options online to help you find the right pair of socks. Our research shows these are some of the best socks you can get. You can also check wool socks by Minus 33

  1. Wright sock Unisex ECO Wool  Socks

These are my favorite socks for four-season because they are made of durable materials, such as polyester and wool, that allow your feet to breathe in all seasons and keep them warm in winter conditions. 

Its double-layer construction can even prevent blisters. This can prevent blisters if your feet get blistered at water crossings (people are prone to blisters). He has done over 50 hikes and long traverses with these socks and has never had a blister while wearing them.

These socks incorporate stabilization zones to keep you safe while backpacking or trail running. These socks are eco-friendly because they are made from recycled industrial waste and plastic bottles.

  1. Danish Endurance unisex  socks made of merino wool

These socks are made of wool, nylon, and acrylic to keep your feet cool in the summer and insulate well in the winter, making them perfect for all your outdoor adventures all year round. 

The merino wool in these socks keeps your feet comfortable and dry with additional moisture-wicking and natural temperature regulation technology.

These durable socks are perfect for endurance athletes who need a reliable sock to match their boots, trail runners, or whatever they wear while training outdoors. With padded cushioning, the risk of developing blisters is reduced, making these socks perfect for your favorite activity.

  1. Fiedler  socks for women

Perfect for tackling your favorite trails, these socks are perfect for winter hikes, from down the Grand Canyon to the summit of the White Mountains. 

These socks keep your feet warm but are also highly breathable and quick-drying to keep your feet dry and cool in all weather conditions. Many customers say that the thick padded bottom of these socks is very comfortable.

Built for performance, these socks protect your feet from blisters with friction-reducing technology. It’s also very stretchy for a comfortable, ergonomic fit.

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