Tiger Mascot In Bintulu Mall Goes Viral For Funny-Looking Face, Netizens Can’t Stop Laughing

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Whenever the major festivities roll around, everyone will flock to shopping malls to admire the latest decorations and take lots of pictures to share with their loved ones.

There are years when the decorations are spectacular, and people will be talking about it for months.

However, sometimes the designs can look a little too strange and surprise guests instead.

Previously, Suria KLCC’s outdoor installation for CNY was made fun of because it looked like the paper offering burned during Qing Ming.

The management had no choice but to quickly salvage what it could to make the enormous outdoor décor look presentable.

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Luckily for everyone, the fun does not stop there. All the way in Bintulu, netizens are crying from laughter due to a comical-looking tiger mascot in The Spring Bintulu shopping mall.

The tiger mascot is designed to resemble the lion dance outfit. What tickled netizens was the tiger’s derpy or sleepy-looking face.

Image: Bintulu News Page/ FB

© Provided by The Rakyat Post
Image: Bintulu News Page/ FB

The tiger looks a little strange and off from certain angles too. Despite its looks, some netizens still think it looks cute.

Some netizens joined in the fun and shared pictures of strange tiger decorations they’ve found on the internet too.

© Provided by The Rakyat Post

© Provided by The Rakyat Post

Another netizen poked fun and said maybe the tiger is smiling because the logging by humans helped them.

This was referring to the time when a minister said logging is good for the tigers in the wild.

© Provided by The Rakyat Post

While the mascot in the Bintulu mall looks funny, at least it brought some laughter to netizens just in time for celebrations next week.

That said, why do the tiger illustrations these days look more like a cat with stripes than an actual tiger?

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