Pound Cake Cosmetics Designs Innovative Red Lipsticks For Black Women

Pound Cake Cosmetics Designs Innovative Red Lipsticks For Black Women
Courtesy of Pound Cake Cosmetics

Pound Cake Cosmetics is set to release its latest lipstick collection that will ultimately change the way melanin-rich women sport red lips. Let us fill you in on the deets!

In a caption on Instagram, the award-winning makeup company wrote, “Cosmetic companies for too long have created products with a one-size-fits-all attitude. Colors look different on our diverse skin tones and thus should be tailored to us. That’s what we did here with the industry’s first-ever line of non-nude products made for different tones.”

Once upon a time, Black women wearing red lipstick were considered a beauty faux pas due to haters claiming that the crimson color didn’t complement our melanin-rich skin tones. Today, that outdated myth is consistently shot down by stunning beauty influencers and everyday baddies who slay the bold color with pride.

Building on their ‘lipsticks for your lip tone’ motto, Pound Cake Cosmetics continues to enlighten followers on Instagram about its new color choices. “We have been crafting lipsticks designed for your skin and lip tone for the past three years.” 

The post continued, “We are starting with five reds to accommodate five lip tones (Pink, Dark Pink, Light Brown, Brown, and Deep Brown) to challenge the stigma that Black folks, ‘don’t look good in red lipstick.’”

The new drop boasts healthy ingredients that include a rich blend of avocado oil and vitamin C to moisturize the lips. This also ensures a vibrant color that attracts attention for more than seven hours. Amazing!

We stan this jump into inclusivity! One thing we know for sure, red lips will never go out of style and they should be designed to highlight and compliment all skin tones.

The clean and cruelty-free red lip color becomes shoppable on September 30th at Poundcakecosmetics.com and we can’t wait to try them!

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