10 Ways to Dress Up Jeans for a Night Out

Picking a going-out outfit is something that every girl dreads when it gets to the weekend. Furthermore, it is something that you have to run through with your friends in the group chat as well. To ensure you won’t be wearing the same outfit or similar outfits. 

That week before, there is always that one friend who messages the group chat. They will ask what everybody is wearing in the hope they can get a little inspiration for their outfit. In the group, there will always be a couple of friends who already have their outfits planned. Furthermore, there will be those friends who leave until the last minute. Whatever you do, you don’t want to be leaving it until the last minute. 

Animal Print

Animal print is a trend that comes and goes, but if you can pull it off, we will believe it is evergreen. This outfit is unique and will make you stand out from the rest. However, there are a few fashion tips for this outfit which you need to take on board. 

The first one is that you cannot go all out with the animal print as that can look tacky. We would advise you to wear one piece of animal print clothing and then the other clothes which are a similar colour. For example, if you wear a tiger print top, you will want to wear black leather pants, dressy leggings or jeans. 


We all know that a dress is the easiest choice for your going-out outfit. There are many styles of night out dresses that you can wear. Bodycon, mini, maxi, and midi are all suitable for your night out. However, if you are going out for day drinks then a maxi or midi dress would be more appropriate for this occasion. 

Jumpsuits or Bodysuits

A jumpsuit or a bodysuit is the final outfit you can wear for your Saturday night. One thing that you will already know but we thought we would mention is that they are not practical. 

With a jumpsuit, these are all one piece so all you need to do is worry about the footwear you need to wear. Depending on the type of individual you are, heels might be the best choice for you with this outfit. Furthermore, if you don’t think you can walk in heels all night. We would advise you wear something more comfortable to wear. We all know that choosing footwear is one of the most comfortable outfits to choose from. 

To Conclude

Three are many outfits that a woman can wear for their night out. Furthermore, you need to ensure you are wearing clothes that are suitable for the venue. A lot of modern clubs and bars will all have a dress code that you will need to follow to get in. 

Another thing you need to decide on is the shoes you are wearing for the night. Are you one of those people who refer to looking good for the night or do you dress for the inconvenience? Again, you have to consider the venue you are going to as well. 

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