Dodge Charger Driver Impersonates Cop In Canada

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Hey, we’ve seen this trick before!

It used to be back in the day people would buy a Ford Crown Victoria that was white, black, or blue, add a few cosmetic mods, then try to make other drivers believe they were a cop. While that’s about as far as most Crown Vic owners went, some took it further and pulled over unsuspecting people using lights and a siren. Now that Dodge Chargers have become ubiquitous for police departments all over North America, these police impersonators have also switched to the four-door Mopar.

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We’ve seen this many times just in the past few weeks, but this story of alleged police impersonation comes out of Ontario. Usually we don’t see such things from Canada, so that part is surprising.

According to a local report, on the morning of March 10 a woman called the Greater Sudbury Police Service to report a black Dodge Charger which had pulled her over on Municipal Road 35 near Clarabelle the previous evening.

The woman said the Charger was driving in the slow lane going northbound. When she went around it, the car turned on flashing red and blue lights, so she pulled over. The Mopar driver came up to her car, asked for her license, ownership, and insurance, wanted to know where she was going, plus inquired if she was single. If that wasn’t a red flag, we don’t know what is.

Apparently, the Dodge Charger driver thought pulling women over and getting their info was the best way to find a date. Some people wouldn’t catch a clue if it slapped them silly. Thankfully, this woman didn’t answer the personal line of questioning, asked if she was getting a ticket, and when the guy said she wasn’t, she drove off.

Not to be overly critical, but if you’re pulled over even by a real cop who asks those sorts of questions, calling the police right away would be appropriate. Why she waited until the next morning isn’t clear, but had she called immediately the real police might’ve been able to catch this guy that night.

We do have a description of the Charger driver: white male, approximately 5-foot-11, in his late 30s to 40s, with dark eyes and a deep voice, wearing a black toque with a black mask, a black jacket and black pants. The woman said the red and blue lights appeared to be embedded in the Dodge’s front grille.

Police are hoping someone might have seen something or has dashcam footage from MR 35 on March 9 about 8 to 9 pm.

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