a make-up guide to a flawless finish

Finding the right foundation is rather like investing in the perfect pair of jeans, once you find your perfect fit you’ll probably find that you stick with it.

However, that’s easier said than done; colour, undertone, overtone (yes, I said overtone) coverage (thin, medium, thick) and finish (glowy or matte)…the list goes on.

And then there’s the specific concerns that mature skin faces such as redness, open pores, fine lines (not that there’s anything wrong with those these days).

Freckles, wrinkles, and all matter of imperfections are now even considered more youthful, as real skin has a natural radiance that cannot be replicated by man-made pigments.

As women over 40 are becoming increasingly valued by cosmetic brands that formally targeted millennials, we’re pleased to announce that make-up, and particularly base, is having an age-reversing makeover. 

At a demonstration of Estée Lauder’s tinted moisturiser (£36) in 2020, Parisian make-up artist Violette applied the product to the model’s skin in moderate strokes, omitting her nose and cheeks as both have a natural flush that, she insists, if covered-up will dampen a healthy glow. 

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