August 8, 2022


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Victoria Beckham’s 5 new rules for over-the-top reentry style

Victoria Beckham in New York, May 2021

Victoria Beckham in New York, May 2021

As you pack away your lockdown loungewear (for good, hopefully, this time) what pieces in your wardrobe have you reached for first?

For some, that first dinner back at a favourite restaurant has offered the chance to dust off a long-neglected pair of heels, or inspired a return to getting dressed up in a new favourite skirt that had been previously stuck indoors with the tags on.

For Victoria Beckham, the British fashion designer and former Spice Girls star, the first moments of freedom have provided an opportunity to bring it in the fashion stakes, wearing everything she perhaps hasn’t been able to for the last 18 months.

Whether she’s attending a business meeting, or heading out on a dinner date with husband David, this week Beckham has been upping the ante in a roster of unapologetically fun and ostentatious new outfits.

Might you follow suit, and now go all out for a reunion with friends this weekend?

Here are Beckham’s rules for fabulous reentry style…

1. Wear yellow flares

Victoria Beckham in New York City on 26th May

Victoria Beckham in New York City on 26th May

Does anything say ‘look at me’ louder than a flared canary yellow shirt and trousers? Beckham is in New York for work, and seems to have a packed schedule full of business meetings as well as reunions with friends and dinner dates with husband David. What better way to reintroduce yourself to colleagues you’ve only seen on video call screens for the last year, than by making an impact in top-to-toe yellow, with huge flouncy cuffs?

2. Bring out the WAG bags

Victoria Beckham in New York City on 26th May

Victoria Beckham in New York City on 26th May

Beckham has dusted off not one but two pricey Hermes Birkin bags this week – the first in black crocodile, the second in an orange leather. Let us assume they have barely been taken out for a spin in the last year, and this is Beckham’s reminder to bring the trophy items in your wardrobe back into daily service.

3. Platforms are back

Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham

The designer who famously once said she ‘can’t concentrate in flats’ is out to show anyone who grew fond of their fluffy slippers during lockdown that they now need to move onwards and upwards.

Around six inches upwards, ideally. Every outfit Beckham has sported this week has been finished with a challenging heel – she even declared that platforms are back in this extreme pair for a second dinner date with David in a week.

4. If you’re going to wear denim, make it dramatic

Victoria Beckham on 24th May 2021 - Getty

Victoria Beckham on 24th May 2021 – Getty

Does this count as a more casual look? Beckham has been spotted in two new pairs of jeans this week, both a wide flare cut. She sharpens the silhouette each time with a blazer, towering heels, and the aforementioned large hero bag.

5. The more frills and flounces, the better

Victoria Beckham on 25th May

Victoria Beckham on 25th May

Is your reentry outfit really a reentry outfit if it isn’t covered with bows, ruffles and ribbons? Perhaps Beckham’s most celebratory outfit of the week was this blouse and skirt from her own label, complete with contrasting red collar and a ribbon tie on the back. She offset the pretty theme of the look with a pair of sky blue, and sky high, heels.

It seems like tracksuit bottoms are firmly off Beckham’s style agenda. I wonder, were they ever really on it?

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