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TOKYO, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — transcosmos inc. is delighted to announce that it has released MallMAX Scope, its proprietary diagnostics & analytics service under MallMAX (trademark pending), a service which helps businesses expand sales on leading online shopping malls in Japan including Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo!Shopping, and /PayPay mall.

Along with the rapid demand growth for e-commerce shopping under the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses aim to expand their e-commerce sales, showing an upward trend in companies that diversify their sales channels into online shopping malls or try to enhance their sales on the malls. Yet, the low entry barriers for the online malls mean that consumers can easily compare competitive products during their pre-purchase consideration phase, making it hard for businesses to develop specific sales initiatives. Building on its know-how of expanding sales accumulated by helping clients manage their e-commerce stores on online shopping malls and analyzing online mall traffic, purchase and other available data using AI, transcosmos has developed its proprietary diagnostics questionnaire. Now, with MallMAX Scope, a service that visualizes product specific challenges, transcosmos helps businesses expand their sales channels to include online malls.

  • MallMAX Scope, transcosmos unique diagnostics & analytics service that helps expand e-commerce sales

MallMAX Scope analyzes the current status of each listed product based on factors that impact online mall sales, and visualizes actions to take to expand sales. MallMAX Scope enables businesses to analyze their products’ current status compared to competitive products, allowing them to develop the right initiatives and strategies for each of their product categories. transcosmos e-commerce specialists diagnose and analyze over 80 items and discover challenges that were otherwise not possible just by checking their own product data, plus help businesses prioritize sales expansion initiatives. (*1)

[Use case examples]

  • Visualize priorities of sales expansion initiatives
  • Identify weakness against competitor products
  • Understand actions that directly lead to sales expansion
  • Specialist team with sales expansion methods executes initiatives after MallMAX Scope analysis

Leveraging its proprietary methods, transcosmos creates product pages and manages ads operations for clients. In addition, transcosmos online mall store management services enable clients with large product portfolio and a frequent product line review cycle to maintain the best product lineup, make no missed sales opportunity, and manage their online mall stores in a way that achieves higher sales results. As for Amazon ads operations services, transcosmos lets clients maximize their sales generated from online ads with leading-edge technologies powered by AI. (refer to related press release (2))

  • MallMAX Scope launch campaign ~ Special plans for Amazon product page diagnostic service~

transcosmos plans to offer MallMAX Scope to 50 clients a year with special plans. Please contact your sales representative or contact the inquiry support desk. transcosmos has launched a dedicated MallMAX service website, and you can also make inquiries from the page. In addition to information on various MallMAX services, the website also offers case studies. Please visit the website for details.

Visit MallMAX special website here (no translation available):

Download MallMAX summary document here (no translation available):

transcosmos has released MallMAX to enhance its e-commerce one-stop services – end-to-end services that help clients’ e-commerce businesses from marketing to customer service. Powered by comprehensive, full-service e-commerce support including fulfillment, transcosmos will continue to help clients expand their sales.

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(*) As of today, MallMAX Scope analytics service is for Amazon and Rakuten Ichiba. The service will be available for Yahoo!Shopping and PayPay mall soon.

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