Styles and Trends for Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas That You Shouldn’t Ignore

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The desire to celebrate love and union through a custom diamond engagement ring in Dallas is going strong.  If you are on the lookout for that special ring to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in your life, we will arm you with the styles and trends of the best custom diamond engagement rings.

These ideas are just options.  You can add to them or remove some details that do not fit your style.  After all, it’s a customized ring.  When you have the picture of the design you desire, you can safely visit your jeweler and discuss your ideal ring with a designer.

Adding Personal Details on a Unique Ring

Couples are taking control of a few details they can as it relates to their marriage.  This includes adding personal details on their engagement ring.  More and more couples want to explore what they want.  

You can be more personal, thoughtful, and insightful in your directions and ideas when you talk to your designer about your custom diamond engagement ring in Dallas.  Designs in the form of a unique cut or unusual custom design setting are always welcome.  

Add secret details and hidden messages of love that only you and your partner know about.  No one can stop you from being creative and unique as you put some extra love and meaning into your engagement ring design.

Band Style Rings

The landscape of weddings is ever-changing.  Nowadays, there are more brides who choose a band-style custom diamond engagement ring over a single stone engagement ring.  This is from the idea of the traditional European culture where wedding bands are given instead of engagement rings.  Another consideration for this style of custom diamond engagement ring is because it is easier to clean or sanitize.  It can endure constant washing and hand sanitizing.

Classic Style With a Modern Twist

The classic style of solitaire or 3-stone diamond engagement ring is still a trend.  Couples are seen to gravitate towards classic diamond cuts like round, oval, and cushion set in delicate platinum settings.  This design allows the diamond to pop.

Jewelry designers are saying that the fashion-forward custom diamond ring engagement designs with traditional elements are a trend for brides.  They are timeless rings, especially when a special stone like a diamond is used.

The trend includes a traditional ring design with a pretty silhouette and exquisite detail.  Designers say it is a tried-and-true style that will remain a trend in 2021.

Heirloom-Inspired Old European Cut

Engagement ring shoppers are considering family traditions and legacy as they consider custom diamond rings.  Heirloom diamonds provide a perfect stone for making couples nostalgic and they think about future generations as they start a new life together.

Heirloom custom diamond engagement ring trends are anticipated in 2021 as couples create heirloom inspired designs.  Designers believe this is an excellent way of connecting modern love stories to vintage details.

Olivia Landau agrees that this trend has longevity.  She said, “Old European cuts are one of my favorites because their unique faceting pattern makes them one of a kind and timeless!”

Petite Side Stones

If you want a more delicate take on the classic 3-stone diamond engagement ring like that of Meghan Markle, you can customize your ring with petite side stones.  This design is a scaled-back look of the 3-stone diamond ring.  Designers say that more and more couples choose this more modern look.

North South East West Prongs and East West Cuts

NSEW or compass prongs are a cool and vintage spin on traditional prongs that are getting in style.  It is a different spin to a classic and a great way to take a traditional emerald cut diamond engagement ring and add a unique twist, according to a designer.  

Unique Metals

Apart from the diamond as a choice stone for a custom diamond engagement ring in Dallas is the choice of unique metal where the diamond is set.  Unique metals that are becoming popular include 18-karat black gold engagement rings and yellow gold.  These metals are being chosen by brides-to-be over the once classic and popular Platinum or White Gold.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings That Make a Statement

The new styles and trends for custom diamond engagement rings are bolder than ever.  As couples are becoming more creative and personal with their choice of design, these custom engagement rings are getting a serious fashion upgrade.  

True custom design rings are designed from scratch.  So if you’re planning to get one, start from a hand-drawn sketch and a professional designer will consider, engineer, and hand-select each element for your one-of-a-kind custom diamond engagement ring in Dallas.