Just two weeks after Rihanna announced her new Fenty perfume, her Tuesday drop for early-access customers sold out. 

Rihanna only needed her promo photoshoot and one short video ad to convince fans to try her first scent, which is expanding the Fenty name. And try they did, as it reportedly sold out in a matter of mere hours.

The star took to Instagram to share the fruits of her labor, captioning the pic, “how I woke up after #FENTYPARFUM sold out this morning!!!” 

In the photo, Rihanna posed on her bed, casually decked out in a pair of rectangular-shaped black shades, and an over-sized, cozy black hoodie– while enjoying some morning caviar on a silver platter, with what appears to be a plastic spoon. Because, RiRi.

The official Fenty Beauty Instagram account cheered her on, commenting, “IKDRRRRRR.”

The success of the perfume only adds to this month’s accomplishments for the musician turned entrepreneur. The 33-year-old just reached billionaire status last week, impressively joining the ranks of Jay-Z and Kanye West

Rihanna’s Fenty empire first started in 2017 with her Fenty x Puma collaboration, and then went on to expand to lingerie in 2018. She really rocked the fashion beauty industries with the foundation of her beauty line in 2019, soaring past the competition and proving the singer was set for success in this new category.

Fenty is expected to embark into the hair category next, indicated by the brand filing trademark applications a few months ago. As we reported, the vertical included “non-medicated hair care preparations, hair-styling preparations, hair-straightening preparations,…” and much more.

We can’t wait to see what Rihanna does next.

Check out the new flick below.