REDTAG’s Eid Al Adha Collection brings you fusion fashion and free gifts

But, as a value-centric brand, REDTAG also understood the need for summer-friendly apparel, leading to the Eid Al Adha collection’s striking-yet-soothing colours that can contend with the sun’s rays while being aesthetically pleasing. But the value that is synonymous with REDTAG doesn’t end there — the Eid Al Adha Collection also boasts undeniable quality, affordability and durability while being accessible across the region. So, if you’re also ready for a summer escape shopping, this collection ticks all the boxes. Here is what awaits you in stores.

Menswear, which includes classic shirts with muted motifs and trousers in standard colours, exemplifies Western-Arab fusion fashion. For juniors, Eid Al Adha Collection brings comfortable t-shirts in pastels and creams to go with jogger pants — a winning combination in view of the holidays when outdoor activities increase. Speaking of comfort, girls’ sleeveless summer dresses in shades of white and tie-waist dresses in earthly hues can go in traditional settings as well as contemporary ones, such as shopping malls and theme parks, while facilitating mobility and being effortlessly fashionable.

Crossover-neckline wrap dresses in sober colours, ruffle-sleeved tiered dresses in mellow lilac-pink and pale, and puff-sleeved dotted Swiss elasticated crop tops in comely blush pink will sweep female shoppers off their feet. The emphasis on womenswear is a recurring aspect in all specialised offerings from the value fashion brand, which recognises women’s growing role in contemporary society and caters to their distinctive needs through clothing options, modest range, and reinterpretations of traditional attire. The launch of A’aniqa, a specialised modest apparel range, is a testament to REDTAG’s continued advocacy at the intersection of fashion and women.

Additionally, in line with the gift-giving traditions of Eid Al Adha, REDTAG has announced gifts on each purchase worth 250 Saudi riyals in Saudi Arabia. The corresponding minimum purchase values in other countries are as follows: Dh250 in the UAE; 250 Qatari riyals in Qatar; 25 Omani rials in Oman; 25 Bahraini dinars in Bahrain; and 20 Kuwaiti dinars in Kuwait. Such reciprocity for customers’ patronage has enabled the brand to foster long-standing relationships. However, without resting on past laurels, REDTAG continues to epitomise value in fashion — the latest of which is now available in stores, in the form of the Eid Al Adha 2022 Collection.

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