How you can get jungle scout free trial?

If you conducted some research, you may already be aware that the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a potent tool that gives you a wealth of information to help you make wise decisions. What’s inside, though? What is the value of the Jungle Scout Extension? So, you’ve come to the right site if you want to know what the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension contains. To know more about free amazon seller tools you can visit the below link:

What is inside the Chrome Extension for Jungle Scout?

In 2020, Jungle Scout made numerous useful additions to its Chrome Extension. You can now ask for evaluations from your customers in bulk and look up past sales information for any product. It’s even more user-friendly now. 

For businesses wanting to dominate the Amazon channel, Jungle Scout provides enterprise-level market analytics and competitive analysis. Although Jungle Scout does not provide a free trial, their normal plans do come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. They will give you a refund with no questions asked if you determine within 7 days that the product isn’t the right fit. 

Know about the process of Jungle Extension Chrome extension

The direct Amazon link is a crucial benefit of Jungle Scout’s Extension. With just one click, you may access all the information you require regarding sales. You can view the tool’s average pricing, sales projections, competitor information, profit projections, and much more (below is a list with all data). You may also view the Google Trends charts since the most recent update.

Here’s how to utilize the extension for Jungle Scout:

  • Install the Chrome Extension for Jungle Scout here.
  • Please visit
  • Next to the URL entry, select the Chrome-Plug-In.
  • Register with Jungle Scout
  • While browsing Amazon, use the Chrome Extension.

It’s critical to determine whether product sales are consistent throughout the year before launching a product on Amazon. As a result, you must examine past sales data. The Jungle Scout Extension will provide a chart with historical sales data if you click on the quantity of sales for a specific product.

Final thoughts

Opportunity Score is a very useful indicator that instantly informs you whether or not a product merits further investigation. Demand, competition, and LQS are combined by Jungle Scout’s proprietary algorithm to calculate the sales potential. The Opportunity Score considers the following factors:

  • Units sold
  • Number of reviews
  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Number of photos
  • Quality of the listing

In actuality, it is a measure that illustrates the competitiveness and demand for a particular product. The FBA program is constantly developing and being updated by Amazon. Fortunately, they have a reasonably effective system in place that alerts vendors to new updates and features as they become available. The main challenge here is remaining current and implementing the appropriate adjustments as they are communicated. You may monitor your inventory activity, monitor your IPI score, and even get suggestions and guidance from Amazon themselves on how to use your inventory more effectively.