How to dress up your robe for Valentine’s Day

When Harry Styles kicked off 2021 photographed at his manager’s wedding wearing a plush white robe, it became the Big Robe Moment seen ’round the world. Accessorized with a tumbler in hand, the undisputed fashion icon served a look so wonderfully simple and delightfully unexpected, his cozy threads became the quarantine Valentine’s Day inspiration we never knew we needed — until now.

So, we invite you to robe up, sit back and chill at home in sweet style.

Cozy notes

robes and other accessories
Ninety Percent + Net Sustain hooded organic cotton-fleece robe, $165 at; “Gardenia” lace triangle bra, $98 at; Unisex washable silk boxers, $115 at; “Scout” slipper socks, $44 at; “Bear Hug” earrings, $48 at; “Everybody (Else) Is Perfect: How I Survived Hypocrisy, Beauty, Clicks, and Likes” by Gabrielle Korn, $17 at
NYPost Photo Composite

A hooded robe is the ultimate cuddly topper. Wear with washable silk shorts, a mismatched bra, and some seriously chunky socks, and polish it all off with bear-y cute earrings. While you’re at it, practice some serious self-care with “Everybody (Else) Is Perfect” a cutting look at modern beauty standards and sexuality by former Nylon Editor-in-Chief Gabrielle Korn.

Boudoir babe

Norma Kamali belted tiger-print robe, $295 at; Baserange velour bra, $80 at; Baserange velour briefs, $50 at; 403 Love Before Breakfast, Rouge à Lèvres Satin Lipstick, $42 at; Faire La Fête Cremant de Limoux non-vintage sparkling wine, $19.99 at; “Delcie” feather heels, $119 at

For those feeling delightfully dramatic, reach for a jersey robe with a bold print (pro tip: this one can easily double as a dress). A set of matching velour bra and briefs feels very off-duty J.Lo; pair with some feathery, boudoir-inspired stilettos. Finish with bold lip and French bubbly. You’re a star!

Dream date

robe and accessories
Faux shearling bathrobe, $29.99 at; Flora Nikrooz chemise, $112 at; Logo silk eye mask, $48 at; Signature heart ring in rose gold, $526 at; Faux fur ballet flats, $49.90 at; Tom Ford “Tubereuse Nue” 50 ml perfume, $350
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A plush robe sets the tone for low-key luxury. Style it with satin accents, such as this sweet chemise and an eye mask you can lounge around wearing like a headband, a la Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Details like a diamond ring (this one’s ethically sourced) and fuzzy ballet slippers dial up the decadence, as does Tom Ford’s newest tuberose-infused perfume.