How much should you budget for a wedding guest dress? 


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Making a budget, in general, is a rather hectic task, there are so many things to be considered in order you get it right, so you don’t end up overspending or under-budgeting. Creating a wedding budget can be quite stressful owing to the fact that a wedding is most likely the most extravagant party in someone’s life and also amongst the most expensive. There are a number of factors to consider when planning a budget for your wedding guess dress or you’re looking to get a guest dress for a wedding. First consider how much you have, either in your savings, from your income or maybe cash gifts or donation from others. Make a list of the potential vendors you could purchase from and make an estimate of how much each vendor will cost, you could read fashion online shop reviews to see different vendors and what they offer. Make sure you set some money aside for unplanned expenses, you never know what could go wrong and it won’t hurt to have something aside if something does go wrong. It’s your big day or a friend’s big day and you want to go all out, but spending wisely is important.


How much should you budget for? 

Guest dresses are usually formal outfits, usually consisting of floor-length dresses, high heeled shoes for the females, and a suit or tuxedo for the males. If you’re making a budget for guest dresses for your wedding, maybe for your bridal train, you have to consider the color, the type of fabric and remember that you’re getting more than one dress, depending on the number of bridesmaids you have. You can get bridesmaids dresses for as low as $150 per piece to as high as over $500. If you’re a wedding guest looking to get a dress for a wedding, you could get dresses for as low as $90 and for as high as $220, it all depends on your taste. You could visit online stores or read online reviews like Floryday reviews, to browse through dresses and their prices and pick the ones that best suit your budget.


It’s more than just a dress 

As much as you do not want to break the bank, you should look out for quality dresses that are affordable as well, it’s your big day and you want it to be memorable. Therefore, spare no expenses in getting beautiful attire for your bridesmaids or guests. What matters is to grace your friend’s or loved one’s wedding than with a beautiful dress. Some may ask ‘all that money, for just a dress?’ Well it’s not just a dress, it’s part of the memories that will be made on that day. I’m sure you don’t want to remember your wedding with shabbily dressed bridesmaids and guests because believe it or not, the attire’s add to the beauty of the occasion. You’re advised to spend wisely but also to go for the best.

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