Houston getting 10-plus-pound breast reduction

Her plastic surgeon says the procedure isn’t cosmetic in Renee Lawrence’s case, it’s medically necessary.

HOUSTON — A Houston woman is set to get a life-changing surgery this week.

Renee Lawrence wears a size 36 O bra. She’s getting a breast reduction to remove several pounds of breast tissue.

“It’s always really heavy. Sometimes there are complications breathing. It’s uncomfortable when you’re sleeping,” Lawrence said.

The Houston woman says her chest has always turned heads. For years, she’s dreamed of getting some relief from the back and neck pain.

Dr. Franklin Rose, her plastic surgeon, says the procedure isn’t cosmetic in Lawrence’s case; it’s medically necessary.

“It’s called gigantomastia or macromastia, which means abnormal overgrowth of breast tissue,” said Dr. Rose.

Rose will remove more than 10 pounds of tissue during a breast reduction surgery scheduled for later this week.

“I’d say it’s 10 to 15 times more than the average tissue removed,” Rose said.

Although her case is unusual, Lawrence knows she isn’t alone in how she feels.

“My motto is if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, change it. If it’s something where you feel like it’s too expensive, insurance does cover things like this procedure,” Lawrence said. “I’m so excited to go through this transition. It’s life-changing.”

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