Several incidents of car theft have been traced down to thieves using Apple AirTags to track and steal high-end luxury vehicles.

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Apple AirTags were launched to protect and track lost belongings but now, car thieves are also using them to their advantage. A new trend of stealing luxury cars through Apple AirTags is gaining momentum. Such incidents originated from Canada, but now other places and states are also reporting similar accounts.

So how are thieves using Apple AirTags to steal expensive cars? And are there ways you can protect your prized possession from this perilous tactic?

According to Jalopnik, a man in Detroit, Michigan, recently purchased a brand new Dodge Charger and while driving out of a shopping mall, received a notification on his iPhone that an AirTag was nearby. This happened because the car thieves had planted an AirTag underneath the vehicle to locate its whereabouts.

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But why are car thieves resorting to this high-tech method of stealing cars? Breaking into vehicles in public places attracts attention. Car thieves find it easier to plant AirTags in out of sight areas of the car such as inside a car bumper, underneath the car, or in the vehicle’s external electric connection port.

Once the AirTags are planted in the right spot, the thieves then track the car through the AirTag and later steal it from the owner’s driveway or private parking.

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Do you own a luxury car and are worried about its safety? The following tips can help:

  • Since most tracked vehicles get stolen from a driveway, park your vehicle in a locked garage instead if possible.
  • Use a steering wheel lock to discourage thieves from stealing your vehicle.
  • Install a lock on the data port. This lock prevents access to the computer port so thieves don’t gain access to reprogram your car keys.
  • Buy security cameras that are placed at strategic positions on your property, and can alert you during any suspicious activity.
  • Inspect your car regularly and inform the authorities if you notice any suspicious devices or activity.
  • You can also use an AirTag on your car to locate it if it gets stolen. This way you will be able to track your car for some time before the thieves get a notification on their iPhone.
  • Learn to use and operate an AirTag so you are quick at responding to potential car theft.

Besides these tips, always remember that thieves plant AirTags in discreet and hard-to-find locations, such as the rear bumper, where you are very unlikely to hear it making a noise.

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Stay Alert for an Apple AirTag Alert

If you own an iPhone and a luxury vehicle, stay alert when driving around. Pay attention to any notification on your iPhone right away, and search around to see if a foreign AirTag is traveling with you.

While there is nothing wrong with driving an attractive car, keeping it safe from potential thieves is paramount!

AirTag on a key chain
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