Halston: The 10 Best Characters On The Netflix Show

The highs and lows of the fashion industry are accurately documented in the new Netflix miniseries Halston. The show follows fashion designer Roy Halston as he creates his fashion dynasty but it also has a cast of dynamic characters that truly encapsulate the struggles of fame in the ’70s.

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The show has taken the streaming platform by storm and fans are blown away that such a powerful story is told in so few episodes. The show embodies the ups and downs of the fashion industry and created some truly dynamic characters. A few of them leave a lasting impression in only one episode and some take fans on a journey through each installment.

9 David Mahoney

David Mahoney talking to someone

David Mahoney’s character appears on and off throughout the series, but still makes a prominent name for himself in Halston’s career. David is a philanthropist and Halston signs over his name and business to David early on in the series. With David’s money and help, Halston is able to pursue multiple business ventures.

Even though David’s character is only seen periodically, mainly to give Halston paychecks or to check in on the business, he still plays an important role. Without David acquiring Halston’s business early on, Halston would never have been able to find the success that he did.

8 Adele

Adele leans over a table across from Halston

Even though she only appears in one episode, Adele’s character is brash and memorable. She is first shown in episode 3 where she joins Halston as he creates a perfume. Her character’s ability to take charge and teach Halston about a new section of the fashion industry with which he has no experience makes her memorable and unique.

Adele also takes Halston on a journey through his past and helps him recognize certain fragrances that make him happy but also make him recognize the parts of his past that were painful to him. Even though her character is small, her ability to push Halston to look at his past helps viewers develop a deeper connection with him.

7 Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo standing with his hands in his waist

Victor Hugo is bold and bossy, but he also cares for Halston. When he is first introduced in the series, they have a casual fling. Victor quickly shows that he wants more from Halston and shows his firey side often. Despite having a quick temper, he does love Halston, and wants to develop a deeper relationship with him.

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However, Victor does have a dark side. Despite being in passionate love with Halston, he also fuels Halston’s horrible drug habit. He also gets into fights easily with Halston because of his short temper, and they both often cheat on each other in order to cause more fights. Victor also showcases a lot of jealously towards Halston and his growing fame.

Martha Graham looking serious

Martha Graham is another character who has a small role in the series. Martha is a friend to Halston and helps him in the final episode of the series to rediscover his passion for fashion. Martha was a dancer and choreographer who reaches out to Halston so he can design costumes for her. Her hands no longer allow her to sew and she asks for his help.

Despite Martha’s character being fleeting in the series, she still makes a valuable impact. If her character had never reached out to Halston, he would never have rebranded himself. Martha was also able to help Halston out of his emotional slump as well as his career slump.

6 Joel Schumacher

Joel Schumacher leaning against a wall, smoking

Another fleeting character from the miniseries. He is shown working alongside Halston when he first begins to rebrand himself as a designer. Joel helps Halston design new pieces for an upcoming fashion event but is also battling a horrible drug addiction.

Even though Joel Schumacher is only around a short time, his impact is felt throughout the remainder of the series. He creates a beautiful design on fabrics that Halston falls in love with. After seeing the one changed fabric that Joel made, Halston creates an entire collection including various fabrics by Joel, helping him obtain his break into the fashion world.

5 Ed Austin

Ed Austin and Halston share a kiss

Ed Austin makes his first appearance in the premiere as a love interest for Halston. He is quiet, calm, and possesses an opposite personality from Halston and the lover he has later in the show, Victor Hugo. Ed and Halston meet in a bar and have a short relationship that ends when Halston begins altering his personality in order to fit in with the fashion world. Even though their fling is short, Halston and Ed have run-ins periodically throughout the series.

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Even though Ed’s character is fleeting on the show, he possesses cool confidence that attracted viewers to him immediately. He also works in the fashion industry like Halston as an assistant buyer for Alexander’s. Even though the couple breaks up early on, Ed still remains a prominent figure in Halston’s life.

4 Joe Eula

Je Eula inside a car smoking

Joe Eula is another designer that helped to create Halston’s iconic brand. He accompanies him to Paris and works his magic to create a stunning backdrop for the fashion show that blows everyone away. Joe also becomes the creative director for Halston’s company.

Joe helped to create various fashion lines that helped to rebrand Halston and also helped to build Halston’s business with him. Joe is a character that helped to navigate the fashion industry alongside Halston, making him someone worth watching.

3 Elsa Peretti

Elsa walks a runway holding a large feather fan

Elsa’s role in the series was a powerful one because she helped Halston establish his brand. Throughout the series, Else works alongside Halston and helps him to develop his own identity in the fashion world. She develops feelings for Halston in the series, but quickly moves past them and their friendship can continue.

Elsa is shown quite often in the series as a right-hand designer to Halston. She aids him from the start and puts up with him when he gets upset. Elsa proves to fans from her first appearance that she is a valuable friend to Halston and that she wants only success for him.

2 Liza Minnelli

Liza Minelli sitting in her dressing room looking at the mirror

Liza Minnelli’s character in the show is by far one of the best. She develops an amazing friendship with Halston during the series and supports him through his rise and fall in the fashion industry. She is loud, bold, and she takes charge whenever she enters a room.

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Liza’s stands out among the rest because she fully accepts Halston and his over-the-top personality. She also helps Halston overcome some of his insecurities in order to continue to make a name for himself in the fashion world. Liza even serves as an inspiration for Halston when he is attempting to make his work skyrocket in the industry.

1 Halston

Ewan McGregor in Halston

Roy Halston, the character that the show is entirely based on, is by far the best. He is outspoken, confident, and a little bit outlandish, but his character is fantastic. Throughout the show, viewers are taken on a wild ride through Halston’s rise to fame and his ability to create fabulous fashion no matter the circumstance. Halston also battles his own demons and often finds himself reliving horrible moments from his childhood.

Ewan McGregor delivers a masterful performance. His ability to embody Halston’s personality shocks viewers and showcases the fantastic talent that McGregor possesses. McGregor’s portrayal of Halston takes viewers through the difficult world of fashion and how cutthroat the industry can be. Halston is the best character in the series because his passion for his art is admirable and his confidence in perfecting his work is fantastic.

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