Hair care tips: Here’s how to find perfect straightening brush for your tresses | Fashion Trends

Ah, the every day hustle – grabbing a blow dryer, searching it through your scalp, striving to get it to the back of your head and when you are accomplished with that misadventure, search close to for a hair straightener to smoothen your beloved strands. The “dry and straighten” regimen is cumbersome as very well as consuming but now, with the arrival of hair straightening brushes, long gone are individuals times.

Hair straightening brushes are multipurpose marvels that enable our hair to be brushed and evened out in 1 solitary use but what will make them even far more special is their capacity to get the job done on not just regular but also rough dry hair, maintaining the have to have for blow dryers at a minimum amount. Hair straightening brushes are a will have to have for type fanatics who cherish their hair but are in also a lot of a typical rush to blow dry and then straighten.

So, how does a person seize the ideal hair straightening brush? In an interview with HT Life-style, Rayed Service provider, Director Promoting (Worldwide) and Head Model Procurement at Ikonic Skilled, advised the dos and don’ts of selecting 1 up:


1. Decide on the proper brush measurement – A critical role in going for the excellent hair straightening brush is: thicker the hair, even larger the dimension. Although men and women with shorter or significantly less significant hair can decide for somewhat smaller sized sizes, individuals with thick hairlines need to hardly ever experiment with fewer than recommended dimensions.

2. Splurge for a swivel wire – A component of the straightening brush we minimum spend attention to, the tiny minor wire is basically what separates a cozy straightening working experience from an irritating a person. We may are inclined to use these tools for an indulgent quantity of time, and if the machine’s cord is not versatile, this could demonstrate to be quite an arduous process. So, swivel away!


1. Dismiss the warmth variable – The most pivotal component when it comes to buying for hair straightening brushes is their greatest temperature. Diploma counts that sway higher than 375 degrees are risky since they can directly damage the nourishment of our hair. Sticking to brushes with temperatures beneath 375 levels is optimum. We also require to guarantee they transfer continual and even amounts of warmth whenever switched on.

2. Settle for inadequate good quality components – Past but never the the very least, if you mistakenly choose straightening brushes with inferior bristle quality, your hair could conclusion up tangled in them and also split out thanks to pulling. Likewise, the type of coating your hair straightening brush is protected with makes a huge big difference much too! A single requirements to make certain that a top quality layer of coating is employed since badly coated brushes may perhaps lead to frizzing and scaling of the hair which might adversely influence its main well being.

All in all, hair straightening brushes are a greater different to the classic straightener and far more suited for everyday use far too. As extended as just one takes treatment of the above aspects, in no time will you be straightening your strands in design and style!