Freida Pinto doesn’t wear nail polish | Entertainment News

Freida Pinto “never” paints her fingernails.

The ‘A Christmas Number One’ actress prefers her beauty regime to be “very low maintenance” but still wants her hands to look clean and healthy.

She said: “The shade I always paint my nails is… My toes are always nude and I never paint my fingers – I just buff and shine them.

“I like to keep things very low maintenance.”

And Freida doesn’t wear perfume either.

Asked her signature scent, she said: “I don’t wear perfume but I like to use essential oils at home.

“My favourite scents are lavender, sandalwood and rose geranium.”

But the 37-year-old star loves red lipstick.

She said: “My signature lipstick is a true red called Icon by Hourglass.”

When it comes to shoes, the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a big fan of footwear from Freda Salvador.

She told Red magazine: “My favourite pair of shoes is… I have two, a pair of white leather sneakers, which I’ve worn to death, and tan boots.

“They’re both made by a small company called Freda Salvador.”

Freida previously insisted she doesn’t care about looking fashionable all the time, so long as she feels confident.

She said: “There’s a limit to how much you can be obsessed with the way you look and the way others perceive you, there has to be a level of confidence where you know within you who you are.

“So I can walk out of my apartment without make-up and it doesn’t matter. For me, that is what I perceive as being strong. I like to be put-together, I love fashion, but I also like dressing it down and I love not being on point all the time, or following a trend all the time. I like having my own sense of style and making my own statement.

“So, I feel, as long as it doesn’t border on insecurity or obsession, it’s beautiful to be using fashion as a meaning of expression. To be using jewellery or clothes, whether that’s just jeans and a T-shirt or high jewellery, as a mode of expressing yourself.”