Ewan McGregor Had Never Heard of Halston Before Playing Him On-Screen



Ewan McGregor is transforming into a fashion great.

The Star Wars alum stars as legendary designer Roy Halston Frowick, known widely as just Halston, in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming limited series for Netflix. The show will follow the visionary’s journey to creating a fashion empire—which was especially beloved by the Studio 54 crowd—in the ’70s and ’80s. It’ll also highlight his battle to protect his name after a “hostile takeover” seizes his eponymous brand.

Murphy, who previously centered a season of American Crime Story on Gianni Versace’s death, is no stranger to dramatizing events from the fashion world for our TV screens. This time, he’s recruited Daniel Minahan (Game of Thrones, True Blood) to direct the series. Keep scrolling for more details on the upcoming show.

Halston premieres on May 14.

Be on the lookout on Friday, May 14, for the five-part series. New episodes usually arrive to Netflix at 3 a.m. ET.

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Liza Minnelli and Elsa Peretti will also be portrayed.

Halston won’t be the only real-life legend depicted in the Netflix series; his famous friends and inner circle will appear onscreen too. That includes Liza Minnelli, a longtime friend and muse of the designer played by Smash star Krysta Rodriguez, and Italian jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, played by French actress and model Rebecca Dayan. See who else is in the cast below.

  • Krysta Rodriguez (Smash) as Liza Minnelli, stage and screen legend who was close friends with Halston and often wore his designs.

  • Rebecca Dayan (The Neon Demon) as Elsa Peretti, the famed jewelry designer who designed Halston’s perfume bottle.

  • Bill Pullman (Independence Day) as David Mahoney, the philanthropist and head of Norton Simon Inc., which acquired Halston in the ’70s.

  • Gian Franco Rodriguez (Simón) as Victor Hugo, an artist and window designer who was Halston’s longtime on-and-off partner.

  • David Pittu (Elementary) as Joe Eula, fashion illustrator and creative director for the Halston brand in the late ’70s.

  • Sullivan Jones (The Looming Tower) as Ed Austin, an assistant buyer at Alexander’s department store, who became one of Halston’s partners.

  • Rory Culkin (Signs) as Joel Schumacher, a director who worked with Halston as he launched his brand.

  • Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls) as Eleanor Lambert, founder of Council of Fashion Designers of America.

  • Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring) as Adele.

Ewan McGregor had never heard of Halston before the show.

It’s true. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “To find out that he was so massively famous in his time, and I had never heard of him—that didn’t make much sense to me.” But after a primer from Minahan—a Halston fan who’d been trying to make a project about his life for 20 years—McGregor was hooked.

“I could tell instantly from the photographs that I wanted to play him,” the star added to THR. “I could just feel it. There’s something about the way you can see that he holds himself, something behind his eyes. There’s something so intriguing about him as a character.”

Get a sneak peek with official images.

These Warhol-inspired Polaroids should hold us over while we await an official trailer.

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