Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability

Netflix’s Emily in Paris is full of entertaining characters, but from Sylvie to to the protagonist herself, not all of them leave a good impression.

Part of what makes Netflix’s Emily in Paris so intoxicating are the colorful characters introduced throughout the series’ 10 episodes. Emily Cooper brings a sense of youthful curiosity with her from the Midwest to Paris. It’s impossible not to see the City of Lights through her eyes and acquire wanderlust throughout her adventures.

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Along the way, Emily meets a ton of people — friends, enemies, even lovers. Some of them, like her new BFFs, are as charming and vivacious as the city itself. But others, like snobby co-workers and aggressive flirts, play antagonistic roles in Emily’s life. Then there’s Emily herself, who can be as naïve and annoying as she is bubbly and sweet. Which character in the show is truly the most likable?

9 Sylvie

sylvie from emily in paris

As soon as Sylvie was introduced, Emily knew she was in over her head. Sylvie instantly hated that Emily didn’t speak French — didn’t even try to — and was trying to change everything about the company’s marketing goals. Luc told Emily she scared them with her ideas, and it’s easy to see why.

Sylvie was a villain in Emily’s eyes. She didn’t approve of Emily and didn’t give her a pat on the back when Emily’s ideas actually worked. Furthermore, there was a sense of jealousy from Sylvie. Emily was enchanting people left and right, and was also admired by Sylvie’s boyfriend, which became a war of its own. Due to Sylvie’s constant disdain for Emily and her inability to try anything new, she isn’t the most likable of characters.

8 Antoine Lambert

Antoine and his wife in emily in paris

Antoine Lambert is the owner of a perfume brand that Savoir did marketing for. He quickly became more interesting to viewers because he was a married man who was also dating Sylvie. He also appeared to have his eye on Emily.

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After gifting Emily a La Perla lingerie set, Emily told Antoine it was inappropriate but he insisted there was no flirtation behind the gift — it was a gift of empowerment. While Antoine is a good businessman who is intrigued by Emily, he’s no fan favorite.

7 Mathieu Cadault

Mathieu Cadault and emily in emily in paris

Mathieu Cadault is fashion designer Pierre Cadault’s nephew. It’s clear Mathieu is taken by Emily from the start but chooses to keep it professional. It’s not until he senses Emily’s interest in him that he really acts on his feelings. And while Emily’s heart is very much attached to Gabriel’s, Mathieu is a wonderful love interest for her. They’re both interested in fashion, they both work in marketing, and he’s someone that could show Paris in a new light for Emily. Unlike Emily’s lover Thomas or her demanding boss, Mathieu is an underrated character in the show that has plenty of good to share.

6 Luc

luc and emily talking -emily in paris

Luc is that classic lovable goofball everyone falls for. It’s not known what he does at Savoir but he’s typically included in most of Emily’s business meetings.

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When Emily first arrived in Paris, her co-workers were not very open or kind to her. They even called her a “hick” in French. But Luc was the only one who pulled her aside and apologized for their behavior. He got to know her a little better and explained their side of things. From then on, Luc started loosening up around Emily and he became one of the best characters in the series.

5 Gabriel

gabriel the chef in emily in paris

It’s hard for fans not to fall for Gabriel. He’s French, charming, kind, and is Emily’s knight in shining armor when it comes to navigating Parisian life.

But despite his work ethic and sweet nature, Gabriel has his faults. He never told Emily he had a girlfriend after she kissed him and he never told his girlfriend about what happened. What’s even worse is he continued to long for Emily while dating Camille. He’s a tortured soul, that one.

4 Emily Cooper

emily cooper at work - emily in paris

Just because Emily Cooper is the star of the show doesn’t mean she’s the most liked person. There’s no denying that she is great at her job, is fun, and lovable, but she continues to make mistakes at a rapid pace.

Emily never came clean to Camille about kissing her boyfriend (and sleeping with him) throughout the series, she claims she wants the French experience but detests the language and layout of the city, and she tries too hard to be liked. Fans were also not amused by her ignorant tourist attitude.

3 Julien

emily in paris julien

Julien is fashionable, honest, and indisputably himself. He makes no apologies and is raw. Julien is the first person at work Emily meets at work and while they weren’t instant BFFs, their bond did grow. He soon becomes fond of Emily and her ideas and tries to help her when he knows she’s messing up. He gives her a heads up about Sylvie and Antoine, and he even saved her from packing her bags and leaving for America.

Julien is the unsung hero of Emily in Paris. If there’s a season 2, it would be cool to see Julien team up with Mindy and show Emily how Paris is done.

2 Camille

What’s not to like about Camille? She saves Emily from a rude flower saleswoman and helps Emily’s career by introducing her to important people in Paris. Camille deserved more in the show, especially by her so-called friend, the titular protagonist.

Fans felt for Camille when they found out Gabriel had heart eyes for Emily, and when Emily backstabbed her. For everything Camille did to help Emily, Emily quietly went behind her back instead of being honest with her. And if she wasn’t lovable enough, Camille had some of the best looks in the entire series.

1 Mindy Chen

mindy in episode eight of emily in paris

Mindy Chen is the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s the ray of sunshine that Emily constantly needs. The two women met unexpectedly in a park but instantly connected and became fast friends. Mindy taught Emily all about the French and what to expect, but more than that, she was a set of ears for Emily. She listened to Emily and tried guiding her without judgment. And like Camille, Mindy’s fashion was perfection.

Mindy is an independent woman trying to land on her own two feet without the help of her parents, which many viewers can relate to. She is, without a doubt, one of the most likable characters in the show.

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