Christian Serratos once used red lipstick as eyeshadow

Christian Serratos would use red lipstick as eyeshadow during her days as a competitive ice skater.

Christian Serratos holding a sign posing for the camera

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Christian Serratos

The Selena: The Series actress, who is a brand ambassador for Dior Beauty, has long been interested in cosmetics, and in a new video interview for, explained that she has been dreaming up different ways to use lipstick for years.

“When I was really young and would do competitive figure skating and started to wear make-up for competitions, I remember using a Dior red lipstick all over my face,” Christian recalled. “I used it as blush, I used it on my eyelids, and a little, little bit on the lips. (It was) just enough to pop on the ice! And today, I think about products a lot, in terms of, how many places can I use one product?”

Christian went on to note that she was thrilled to join the Dior family because she has always admired the aesthetic of brand founder Christian Dior.

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“I have been a fan of Dior since I was a kid. I grew up really loving a very ’50s, very feminine silhouette. And Dior made that so famous. To be a part of a company that I’ve loved, a Mexican-American woman representing that brand and representing somebody I’ve admired for a long time. It really means a lot,” she shared.

Elsewhere in the chat, Christian spoke about her favourite hairstyles and noted that she has always been inspired by the chic looks worn by stars during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

“I remember being young and seeing a photo of Jayne Mansfield. She was stunning. And I remember her hair being a big thing for me. Hair… that always felt to me like you were complete, you were finished if you had that hair,” the 30-year-old smiled.