Best Beauty Trends From Paris Fashion Week Fall 2021

paris fashion week fall 2021 beauty
Model Belle Vanderkley poses backstage prior to the Coperni show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2021/2022 on March 04, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Kay-Paris Fernandes/WireImage)

Paris Fashion Week, as the last stop on the major city runway tour, holds a special place on the calendar. That’s not to say Milan, London and New York don’t bring their fair share of show-stopping looks and memorable presentations, but there’s something magical about the City of Lights that amplifies every look, heightens every moment and exaggerates every step as models stride down the catwalk.

And sure, the pandemic has undeniably sucked some of the spectacular qualities out of the shows, but designers haven’t been deterred. Neither, it seems, have the hair and makeup teams, who continue to serve up fresh beauty inspiration for the year ahead.

Many of us are undoubtedly feeling a little lacklustre in that department, so why not leave your space for a spell and allow the hypnotic displays at Paris Fashion Week to transport you to the future; one where you can plan your makeup around exciting outings, or be permitted to ask your hair stylist for a fresh cut once more. Or, if you’ve become rather fond of barely-there beauty, Paris delivered on that front too.


Pure cosmetic escapism was on the agenda this season, with makeup teams eagerly taking the opportunity to flex their artistic muscles after a dormant period via some seriously ornate eye looks. Coperni, led by makeup artist Fara Homidi, embellished the crease and inner corners of models’ eyes with gems that tracked out towards the end of the brow. Giambattista Valli chose a painterly vibe, with vibrant hues from the same color family – violet and lavender, sky blue and aquamarine – sitting beneath iridescent brows. Altuzarra followed suit with expressive brows, which manifested as avant-garde tie-dye etchings across the forehead.



While many flirted with the idea of cutting our own fringe during lockdown, most mercifully stepped away from the scissors before making a fatal mane mistake. Not to worry if you were a casualty though, as Paris Fashion Week has provided the solution – a whole host of blunt-cut bang hairstyles to screenshot and take to that remedial hair appointment you’re no doubt hanging out for. Grow it into a full, soft style à la Balmain and Louis Vuitton, or go down the angular route like hairstylist Damien Boissinot did with the models at Chanel.


Inky black eyeliner has been a standout across the cities this season, but the look remains quintessentially Parisian. Chanel‘s Lucia Pica opted for a traditional charcoal smokey eye, while Peter Philips went for a more relaxed, negative-space effect at Dior. Givenchy went all-out, with a double-edged eye look characterized by thick lashes and XXL wings, contrasted by a snowy slick of white eyeliner through the waterline.


Fuss-free beauty is likely to be a mainstay post-pandemic, as many have come to appreciate their natural features sans cosmetics. PFW beauty teams echoed this sentiment, with a number of shows opting out of the theatrics in favor of wearable hair and makeup. Louis Vuitton saw Pat McGrath concept a barely-there face, while hairstylist Duffy left locks largely unattended. Chloé followed a similar line of thinking, leaving complexions with little more than a healthy flush and hair that appeared air-dried.