Apartment Essentials to Transform a Bachelor’s Pad into a Home

When you hear “Bachelors Pad,” it always comes to mind the f messy beds, empty pizza boxes, unwashed plates, weird home decor, and boring furniture, but that needs to change. It doesn’t need a woman’s touch to make magic in creating a lovely space. You can make every room feel cozy, attractive, and functional at the same time when you know what, where and how you should place things. 

Luckily, professional interior designers have shared tips and tricks in transforming your space. If you are one of those bachelors who want to dive in and invest in a comfortable and modest room, you are in the right place.

In this article, you will find ways to increase your living space’s style and functionality. You will be surprised how easy these tips can be, so keep on reading.

Dive into the Basics

It’s always an excellent plan to change things a bit for a new and more welcoming day to come. The perfect way to begin is to go for the basics. You can start by using basic furniture, appliances, and home decor that you are comfortable with.  After that, you can now put some finishing touches that will soothe more likely in your taste.

Level Up Your Living Room 

This would likely be the room where you would be spending most of the time after you step outside your bedroom. You should start by putting on a couch, leather or upholstered one with neutral colors like black, grey, dark brown, or tan can set the mood and gives off the masculine and modern vibe, and if you have more space, you can also add a loveseat or an oversized chair or two that will compliment your couch. Test them out to check if it is comfortable for you. Remember, you will be spending more time in it and more likely be comfortable enough to take your afternoon nap on it.

You can throw in a floor carpet, choose a fabric that can be easily cleaned, durable, and with the style you are going for. You can place a table where you can place your electronic equipment. Mount a television on your wall, hang up linen curtains, and have lamps to add some lighting in the room, personalize the space by adding home decor to spice things up.

Kitchen and Dining Area

In this area, cleanliness is the top of your concern. Start in your kitchen, appliances used infrequently should be stored in cabinets, while appliances used daily should be finished in stainless steel or black to make it look more modern and slick. Put some home decor like vases to give more accent on the countertops and cabinets. 

Your table size and number of chairs should complement the kitchen in your dining area, and it depends on the available space you have. You can have a table for 4 and 6, and throw in a carpet underneath the table to accent it more.


This area of your home is your go-to after a long day at work, so comfort is your top priority in this room. They say you spend most of your life sleeping, which is a natural way to replenish your energy. Sleep is essential. To have a good night’s sleep, you need to have a good quality mattress and a bed frame.

Mattresses differ on the quality of the fabric- on the firmness, softness, and material.  Choose a frame with a warm, inviting, and sturdy headboard style. Your bed frame’s fabric should be long-lasting and simple to clean. You can place a cabinet or dresser beside the bed, it doesn’t have to match the bed, but at least it complements it. Add some curtains for inside privacy and home decor. Put a carpet rug on the floor, hang some paintings, and a lamp to add some light to the room. You can also add chest drawers beside the bed and put some home decor on it if you have an extra area in your room.


It would be best if you gave a thought to designing your bathroom. Your bathroom must be clean, attractive, and uncluttered. Pick solid colors for your shower curtain, and invest in matching colored towels and rugs for the comfort of your feet. Add in also some home decor to give it a nice ambiance.


Anyone can transform their home with style and comfort, all it needs are some tips and tricks, and some home decor should do it. Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a lot of decor add-ons to consider in styling your home, and so what are you waiting for? Shop now!