An Overview of The Different Types of Diamonds

Before purchasing diamonds, better educate yourself first. There are a lot of fashionable diamond jewelries that are being offered by different jewelry stores. However, as a customer, it is part of your duty to do your part and find out about the authenticity of the diamonds you are buying. Here is an overview of the different types of diamonds so you can have an idea of what kind of diamonds exist. 

How many different diamonds are there?

The types of diamonds are categorized in different ways such as technical and consumer wise. Each category classified diamonds accordingly:

Types of Diamonds -Technical 

Type AI Diamond 

These are diamonds that emit yellowish stones. Its yellowish color comes from the presence of nitrogen or aggregated through the crystal lattice. Nitrogen atoms are absorbed in the blue spectrum and reflect the color yellow on the AI diamond. AI diamond has two types which are: IaA diamond which has one pair of nitrogen aggregates and IaB diamonds which have 4 nitrogen aggregates. 

Type LB Diamonds

In this type of diamond, the nitrogen clusters are all over the crystal lattice. It emits a colorful spectrum, orange, brown and yellow colors are seen in the diamonds. Under this diamond classification, there is the llb diamond where the gray, blue, or black diamonds are included. These diamonds contain boron that’s why they project that color. 

Types Of Diamonds-Consumer Wise 

Natural Diamonds 

These are naturally-mined diamonds. These diamonds are formed under the earth’s crust ar8ing 900 to 1300 miles deep and take billions of years to frame the push up to the surface of the earth, where they are mined and sold by people. Natural diamonds are more expensive than any other diamonds because they are considered the original ones. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Using advanced technology, diamonds are man-made and grown in the lab. The process used is an imitation of how diamonds are formed naturally. They are subjected to the right high temperature and intense pressure to be able to be formed. These diamonds are more affordable and usually cheaper by 30% or lower than natural diamonds. There are different ways to grow lab-grown diamonds:

  • Diamonds Formed by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Carbon-containing gas is pumped in a vacuum chamber with diamond seed. It will eventually crystallize to form a synthetic diamond. These types of diamonds are usually 50% to 70% cheaper than naturally-mined diamonds. 

  • Diamonds Formed By Pressure and High Temperature

This is the most common method used to create diamonds that are close to the naturally-mined ones. A pressure of 5-6 Gpa is used and a temperature of 1300 to 1600 degrees celsius is used to grow the diamonds. 

Treated Diamonds 

These diamonds are naturally-mined but are subject to artificial processes to enhance their attributes. For instance, naturally-mined diamonds that can not be sold due to their imperfections are enhanced. They are sold at a lower cost. 

Natural Fancy Diamonds

Diamonds are known to be colorless but there are naturally colored diamonds and they are more expensive. Colored diamonds are rare and hard to find. For instance, black diamonds are one of the most expensive colored diamonds, they can cost up to $3,000 per carat!

Which is the most important diamond?

When it comes to this question, the most important diamonds depend on the sentinel value or the cost of it. There are diamonds that mark an event in the past so they are considered important and there are also diamonds that are very rare and one of a kind so they are also important. However, when it comes to diamond attributes, always check on its 4cs to know if the diamond indeed has a high quality. 4cs includes color, clarity, cut, and carats. 

Getting an overview of the different types of diamonds before buying one can help you decide on which one of the diamonds is best and which one of the offers presented to you by the stores is indeed a good catch. Get familiar with the types of diamonds so you will know what fits you or the person to whom you will be giving it. Diamonds, no matter what type they are, are pricey but they are worth it. So before getting one know what to look for.