Amazon launches its first brick and mortar fashion store

Amazon is a well-known e-commerce website that offers various products to consumers. People buy their items via the internet, and all the transactions are done online as well. The company delivers the goods to the buyers’ doorsteps, and this system has been this way since it was launched.

Now Amazon is evolving, and it has decided to open a physical store where it can sell clothing pieces and other fashion items. On Wednesday, May 25, the retail giant finally launched its very first brick-and-mortar retail store, and people can find this in Los Angeles.

The company named its store the Amazon Style, and it is hoped that it will gain more visitors as the restrictions related to COVID-19 are already being lifted one by one. Amazon’s fashion store is unique because it will have a device that will assist customers when choosing clothes.

As per Reuters, Amazon Style will feature a machine-learning technology so customers can easily find clothes that are suitable for them based on their needs and preferences. The machine will offer personalized recommendations so shopping will be more convenient, less hectic, and fun for shoppers.

Customers can also do their shopping inside the store using the Amazon app so they can try out many clothing options and find selections that may fit them too. Shoppers can enjoy this feature while they are in the fitting room and looking for the perfect style. It was in January this year when Amazon first announced about its Amazon Style physical store.

“We are excited to introduce Amazon Style, our first-ever physical fashion store where customers can find a selection of women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, and accessories,” Amazon Style’s managing director, Simoina Vasen, said in a statement at that time. “Amazon Style brings together the best of shopping on Amazon—great prices, selection, and convenience—with an all-new in-store shopping experience built to inspire.

She went on to say, “Amazon Style combines Amazon’s love of fashion with innovative technology and world-class operations to help customers find looks they’ll love.”

Meanwhile, the Amazon Style fashion store in Los Angeles sits on a 30,000-square-foot retail space. The store is equipped with advanced features to make shopping easier.