Alamar Cosmetics Founder Gaby Trujillo on Why She Doesn’t Fear Failure

@ciroinfocus / Ciro Gutierrez

Women are powerful in everything they do—especially when running a business.

During the Poderosas LIVE event, People en Español brought together three Latinas who figuratively and literally run the world.

For the Rising Stars: Women Embracing Career Changes and Building Their Own Path To Sucess panel, Vice President & General Manager at PepsiCo/Non-Profit, Esperanza Teasdale, Founder and CEO of Alamar Cosmetics, Gabriella Trujillo, and entrepreneur and anchor, Rashel Díaz, joined People en Espanol‘s Lena Hansen to chat about how women can achieve everything they want and more.

Ciro Gutierres/@ciroinfocus Poderosas Live 2022

During the panel, Trujillo went into detail how her mother’s work ethic heavily influenced her outlook on how to approach business. “My mom was always working, and I grew up seeing that,” she noted. “But she was always happy because she was achieving her goal of setting up her kids.”

The Alamar Cosmetics founder and CEO also explained how her mother has always served as her inspiration. Her mother, who always dreamed of owning a salon, never feared failure. After her mother exprienced some hardship with her business, Trujillo was reminded of her mother’s strength yet again.

“After she had to file for bankruptcy, we had to move some things around and change her store location,” she began. “But her mentality was, ‘failure is good, it means you’re learning.'”

Like Trujillo, Teasdale also grew up with hardworking parents. “That first year in the country was difficult and filled with lots of jobs.”

People en Español / Mirtle Peña-Calderon

But she notes, that in spite of the jobs her mother worked, she was always in good spirits. “We didn’t grow up wanting for anything, largely in part of the spirit that my parents had,” says the Vice President & General Manager at PepsiCo.

“My parents wanted us to grow up around the family and to feel that community support,” she details. “There was also a large focus on education, and despite their educational barriers, they always pushed us.”

Diaz explains that the biggest lessons her family taught her was that of “not giving up” and to “not waste time thinking on the ‘because’ of why something happened.”

The Cuban-born entrepreneur notes that we sometimes lose sight of our successes as we move along in life, and reminds everyone to always “remember all the work they’ve put in.”

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