A Harry Styles Beauty Brand Is Actually Coming Soon

Harry Styles went from One Direction heartthrob to fashion icon seemingly overnight. From wearing a gown on Vogue to experimenting with makeup and nail polish, Styles said eff you to gender norms and we love him for it. He doesn’t just follow trends—he helps create them. That’s why it makes perfect sense Styles is launching his own beauty brand.

Please As Holdings Limited was incorporated to Companies House, the UK’s official company register, on May 25, according to Cosmetics Business. The nature of business is marked “wholesale of perfume and cosmetics,” with Styles as director alongside his longtime executive assistant Emma Spring. The business is called Styles, Harry Edward, which Twitter and TikTok were quick to point out reads SHE. This is also the name of his 2019 song many fans speculated was about his feminine side.

“Now why would he call it this instead of Harry Edward Styles?” asked TikToker @bellacantstopcrying. “Because Styles Harry Edward, if you abbreviate it just by the first letters, would be SHE. She Cosmetics and She Fragrance. Harry Styles is coming out with a She cosmetics and fragrance line. This is so cool. We’re going to get to walk around saying we’re wearing SHE by Harry Styles.”

Now, of course, aside from the registration, the rest is just speculation. There’s absolutely no proof that it will be called SHE. But it’s fun to speculate based on the singer’s past. And in our experience, fans know a lot more than we give them credit for. They notice all the easter eggs we might miss and even have some receipts to back up their theories.

For now, we can just dream about any type of Harry Styles makeup and fragrance line and what it could look like and smell like. And of course, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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