A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

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If you’re thinking about popping the question to your significant other, then congratulations! Planning a proposal is hugely exciting (and nerve-wrecking!) and it is easy to get caught up in the romance of it all. Buying an engagement ring is perhaps one of the most important and expensive purchases you will ever make. 

Choosing an engagement ring that your partner will love is important, as afterall, they’ll be wearing it for many years to come. There are some steps to follow when it comes to choosing an engagement ring and finding the right one which represents and is significant to your relationship, so here is a guide to choosing the perfect ring!

Set A Budget

There’s a long standing tradition which says that you must spend two month’s salary on an engagement ring, but this is one which is very dated and is no longer important. What is important, however, is setting a budget based on what you can afford and getting the most for your money. Shop around and see what you can find within your budget and make sure that you stick to your budget, no matter how beautiful a ring is!

Choose A Shape

In terms of engagement rings, you can get diamonds in all different shapes and sizes, also known as a ‘cut’, and each one has a different price. Every cut is priced differently and each has a different price per carat. Round cuts tend to be the most expensive, whereas pear cuts tend to be more budget friendly. 

If the size of the diamond is important to you or your partner, then you can get more carats for a much better price if you avoid the classic round-cut diamond. Before you start visiting jewellery shops, do some research into the different ring cuts and have some shapes in mind. If you have the budget and are looking for something that is unique, then take a look at vintage jewellery, as often vintage and antique engagement rings have very different styles and designs with beautiful stones and shapes. 

Choose A Band Metal

Engagement rings are traditionally made using yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum. Whilst platinum might look very similar to silver, platinum is a rarer metal, which means it can be significantly more expensive. Some metals tend to scratch easier than others, so be sure to take your partner’s lifestyle into consideration when choosing a metal for the band. If they are sporty and active, then this could mean that the band gets damaged or scratched easier. You should also consider your significant other’s other jewellery choices. If they wear silver jewellery, then don’t choose a gold band. 

Choose The Right Size

You don’t want your dream proposal to be tainted with awkwardness if the ring doesn’t fit. If you are planning a surprise proposal, then getting your partner’s ring size can be a little tricky. You can either bring it up in casual conversation or look for alternatives for finding out their ring size. You don’t want a ring which is too tight, or too loose so that it is at risk of falling off. An engagement ring should feel snug, but comfortable. 

Have Your Partner’s Style In Mind 

An engagement ring is something you wear every day for a number of years, so you want to ensure that the ring you choose is one which your partner will love. If they are a laid back person, then a simple band with a beautiful diamond is the perfect choice, whereas if they love a bit of glitz and glamour, then a more intricate ring would suit them perfectly. If your partner loves art deco jewellery, then choosing an art deco engagement ring is something they will treasure forever and often, these rings are very unique and intricate, with stones and gems in a range of different colours.