August 10, 2022


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5 Cool Ways To Style Your Bandeau Tops

‘Bandeau’ is a French word meaning a band. The word is very common in the fashion world as it is used to refer to a band like clothing that is usually worn over as a top. A bandeau top is very similar to a tube top but it is narrower. Bandeau tops are usually worn as a part of swimwear and casual wear and are major summer essentials. Not only are they super appealing to girls but they also happen to make the top fashion trends. So, if you love bandeau tops, here’s an easy guide to styling them with different apparel and accessories.

Bandeau With Tshirt

Tamara Kalinic walking down a city street: bandaeu top styling

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bandaeu top styling

We think this is one of the coolest ways to style your bandeau top. If you are someone who loves layers then, this look will surely suit you. Just start by pairing your white tee with a solid coloured bandeau top then pull down the tee and wear jeans/shorts beneath it. Tuck the t-shirt in the jeans or leave it open. Finally, accessorise with a matching/contrasting headband a classy watch and lastly hang your favourite bag around your hands and complete the look with your sleek sneakers.

Get Yourself A Bandeau Set

a couple of people that are standing in the street: bandaeu top styling

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bandaeu top styling

A bandeau set is the hottest of trends in the season and we believe this will continue to rock the fashion world for years to come. You don’t necessarily have to buy a bandeau set together you can put your matching skills to test and pick up a similar coloured bandeau with a similar pair of straight pants.

Now wear them both together and style the look with a pair of retro frames, a sling bag and chunky sneakers. You can also wear a multi-layered chain and a matching bracelet to go with the look.

Style With A Skirt

a woman posing for a picture: bandaeu top styling

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bandaeu top styling

Styling your bandeau tops is in fact easy, you just have to wear a defining bottom to go with it and you’ll rock. Now to wear a skirt with a bandeau you can either style it in the same colour, use the colour blocking technique to style with different shades of the same colours or go with a denim skirt.

You can further take this look a notch higher with a waist belt, natural makeup, matching heels and statement earrings. Along with you can style your hair in a high bun and you’ll be good to go.

Bandeau Top With Blazer

Nicole Warne, Nicole Warne walking down the street: bandaeu top styling

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bandaeu top styling

You definitely would have seen so many celebrities carrying this look as it’s uber chic and stylish. So to carry this look just wear your blazer with a bandeau top, team it up with formal pants and leave the blazer(blazers women must have) button open.

Next style the look with pointed bellies or formal heels, wear small rhinestone earrings and a few mid rings to go with it. Carry your favourite watch and lastly pick your clutch and turn heads!

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Bandeau Tops With Short Shrugs

a woman posing for the camera: bandaeu top styling

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bandaeu top styling

This look is quite universal and easy to do. Your bottom styling depends on the occasion you’re going to attend. You can simply wear your bandeau top, then layer it with a half shrug and team it up with jeans, shorts or an ethnic skirt. Accessorise the look with a name neck chain, pink-tinted makeup look and chunky sneakers to go with it. Leave your hair open natural or style them in medium curls(curls maintenance tips).

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Do you love bandeau tops too? Try these looks and let us know how you liked them. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.