Show Someone They're Special: Five Ways To Treat Your Loved One - Beautiful  Touches


If a special someone has a birthday coming up, if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift or if you just want to express your gratitude and appreciation, you might be at a loss about what to do or what to buy. Read on for three ideas about how to treat your special someone.

Give Time

Sometimes the best treat you can give to someone is your time. Take your loved one out for lunch or on a shopping trip. Go to a museum or a concert or a sporting event. Enjoy a long walk, or simply sit and chat for an afternoon. You might also volunteer to cook your special someone a favorite meal, take care of some chores around the house or yard or even wash and detail the car. There are plenty of options for this special gift of your time and yourself.

Give Something Personal

You probably know exactly what your special someone enjoys the most, so gear your gift in that direction. If your loved one is crazy about books, pick up the latest in a favorite series. If he or she is a sports fanatic, get a signed ball or jersey from a favorite player. A music lover will appreciate a year’s subscription to a music streaming service. Your loved one will relish the thoughtful personal touch in gifts like these.

Give Something Delicious

Everyone must eat, so consider getting your loved one the gift of food. A selection of delicious fresh fruit from quality fruit delivery Jessup MD might be just the thing. If you special someone has a sweet tooth, you might put together a candy bar bouquet or a jar of mixed chocolates. Alternately, bake up a batch of cookies or create a special cake in your loved one’s favorite flavor. You might even cook and freeze several gourmet meals if you have that talent.

Your special someone will probably love whatever you get, but with a little creativity, you can give him or her a real treat.